Scientific Program

09:00AM - 11:00AM
Registration and Coffee Break
Session 1: ECLS from A to Z
Moderators: Dr. Mohammed Shamsah, Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy, Dr. Nicholas Barrett
11:00AM - 11:30AM
Keynote lecture: Challenges in establishing ECMO
Prof. Robert Bartlett
11:30AM - 11:45AM
ECLS Development Over Half a Century
Dr. Venkat Goyal
11:45AM - 12:10PM
Recent update on ECLS for Respiratory / circulatory failure
Prof. Alain Combes
12:10PM - 12:25PM
Lessons learned from COVID -19 ECLS. what is different?
Prof. John F Fraser
12:25PM - 12:40PM
ECCO2R, recent update
Prof. Luciano Gattinoni
12:40PM - 12:55PM
ECPR recent update
Prof. Jan Belohlavek
12:55PM - 01:10PM
Q & A
01:10PM - 02:00PM
Prayer Break-Lunch Break
Industry Symposium (45 Mins)

The 7D Framework of Fluid Stewardship

New Aspects of Modern Anesthesia
Session 2: ECLS for Intensivists I
Moderators: Dr. Mohammad Bahzad, Prof. Akram Mohamed Abdel-Bary Ahmed, Prof. Graeme MacLaren
02:00PM - 02:15PM
ARDS Definition Keeps Changing. Subtypes and Outcome
Prof. Luciano Gattinoni
02:15PM - 02:30PM
Protocolized approach to Persistent Hypoxemia in ECLS
Dr. Ali Ait Hssain
02:30PM- 02:45PM
Optimal Ventilation strategies
Prof. Daniel Brodie
02:45PM - 03:00PM
Monitoring ECLS Patients (VV/VA)
Dr. Nicholas Barrett
03:00PM - 03:15PM
How low your SPO2 should read? Permissive Hypoxaemia and ECLS
Dr. Ramanathan K R
03:15PM - 03:25PM
Q & A
03:25PM - 04:10PM
Coffee Break / Poster Presentation Session
Session 3: ECLS for Anesthetists
Moderators: Dr. Ibrahim Hadi, Dr. Hussain Almejadi, Prof. John F Fraser
04:10PM - 04:25PM
ECLS in the OR – What Do Anesthetists Need to Know?
Dr. Lisa Lima
04:25PM - 04:40PM
ECLS and airway challenges
Dr. Marlice Van Dyk
04:40PM - 04:55PM
Future of ECLS in Anesthesia
Dr. Lisa Lima
04:55PM- 05:05PM
Q & A
Session 4 : ECLS for Vascular Surgeons and Radiologists
Moderators: Prof. Mark Ogino, Dr. Vivek Kakar, Prof. Jan Belohlavek
05:05PM – 05:20PM
Tips and Tricks for Imaging During Cannulation
Dr. Mohammed Shamsah
05:20PM – 05:35PM
Cannulation / Decannulation. What could go wrong?
Dr. Nicholas Barrett
05:35PM – 05:50PM
What Am I Looking for? – Radiologist Perspective
Dr. Zeyad Moqbel
05:50PM – 06:05PM
My Side of the Story. Vascular Surgeon Perspective
Dr. Majdi El Husseiny
06:05PM – 06:15PM
Opening Ceremony
07:00PM - 07:10PM
Opening Speech by MOH officials
07:10PM - 07:20PM
Opening Speech by SWAACELSO Conference Chairperson
Dr. Huda Alfoudri
07:20PM - 07:25PM
Opening Speech By SWAAC ELSO President
Prof. Poonam Malhotra
07:25PM - 07:30PM
Opening Speech by ELSO President
Prof. Graeme MacLaren
07:30PM - 08:00PM
Documentry: Crossing Boundaries
08:00PM - 09:00PM
Exhibition Opening
Closure Day 1
Day 2 - Track 1
Session 5 : ECLS and Infections
Moderators: Dr. Hanan Al Harbi, Prof. Poonam Malhotra, Dr. Ramanathan K R
08:00AM : 08:15AM
Tropical diseases and ECLS. Practical Tips and Tricks
Dr. Suneel Pooboni
08:15AM : 08:30AM
Role of ECLS in HIV patients. indications and outcome
Dr. Marlice Van Dyk
08:30AM : 08:45AM
Navigating Anitimicrobial Dosage and Administration in critically ill ECMO patients
Dr. Mona Mataqi
08:45AM : 09:00AM
Tips and Tricks on Minimizing Infections of the ECLS Patient
Dr. Vivek Gupta
09:00AM : 09:30AM
Q&A and Coffee Break
Session 6 : ECLS for Intensivists II
Moderators: Dr. Salah Taqi, Dr. Mohamed Azzam, Prof. Alain Combes
09:30AM : 09:45AM
High-vs Low Flow: Insights from the Lab
Prof. Luciano Gattinoni
09:45AM : 10:00AM
Ideal Weaning Protocol (VV)
Dr. Ramanathan K R
10:00AM : 10:15AM
How Many ECLSs Are Enough?
Dr. Joseph Tonna
10:15AM : 10:30AM
Organ Dysfunction with ECLS, the chicken or the egg?
Dr. Vivek Gupta
10:30AM : 10:45AM
RRT and ECLS when, what, and how?
Dr. Pranay Oza
10:45AM : 11:00AM
Q & A
11:00AM : 11:30AM
Round Table Discussion (Meet The Experts)
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Shamsah
Prof. Robert Bartlett, Prof.Luciano Gattinoni, Dr. Venkat Goyal, Prof. John F Fraser, Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy, Prof.Graeme MacLaren
11:30AM – 01:00PM
PrayerBreak-Lunch Break
Industry Symposium (45 Mins)

The major role of ECMO in the cath lab.
Prof. Alain Combes / Dr. Ibrahim Fawzi
Moderator: Prof. Akram AbdelBary
Session 7 : ECLS for Cardiologists
Moderators: Dr. Mostafa Ridha, Prof. Mohammed Zubaid, Prof. Alia Abd El-Fattah
01:00PM – 01:15PM
MCS in Cardiogenic Shock/ The Shock Team
Dr. Abdullah Alenezi
01:15PM – 01:30PM
ECLS in cardiogenic shock and high-risk PCI. The Ideal timing?
Prof. Jan Belohlavek
01:30PM – 01:45PM
RVF in Severe ARDS. Aetiology and the role of ECLS?
Prof. Graeme MacLaren
01:45PM – 02:00PM
Weaning Strategies of VA ECMO. The Role of ECHO
Prof. Alain Combes
02:00PM – 02:15PM
LV Venting. when is it needed and how?
Prof. Akram Mohamed Abdel-Bary Ahmed
02:15PM – 02:30PM
Session 8 : ECLS for Cardiac Surgeons
Moderators: Dr. Jamal Al Fadhli, Dr. Mohammad Al Serri, Dr. Rene Gomez
02:30PM – 02:45PM
ECLS as a Bridge to Destination Therapy (MCS/Heart Transplant)?
Dr. Madhan Kumar
02:45PM – 03:00PM
Post Cardiotomy ECLS. Indications and prognosis?
Dr. Riyad Y. Tarazi
03:00PM – 03:15PM
Establishing ecmo service from scratch. The local experience
Dr. Abdullah Esmaiel
03:15PM – 03:35PM
Q&A, Prayer and Coffee Break
Session 9 : ECLS for Organ Transplantation
Moderators: Dr. Mustafa Al-Mousawi, Prof. Adel Khadar, Dr. Arpan Chakraborty
03:35PM – 03:50PM
ECLS as a Bridge to Organ Donation
Marta Velia Antonini
03:50PM – 04:05PM
ECLS as a Bridge to Lung Transplantation
Dr. Alyaa Elhazmi
04:05PM – 04:20PM
The role of Physiotherapy of the ECLS patient
PT. Alaa Al-Saeed
04:20PM – 04:35PM
The role of ECLS in Sepis
Dr. Yatin Mehta
04:35PM – 04:45PM
Session 10 : Debates. Pro and Con (ECLS patient)
Moderators: Dr. Dalal Almatrouk, Dr. Pranay Oza, Dr. Raman Lakshmi
04:45PM – 05:00PM

ECCO2R YES vs NO for CO2 retaining patients?
Dr. Vivek Kakar vs Dr. Yatin Mehta
05:00PM – 05:15PM

Early vs Late ECLS
Dr. Ahmed Rabiy vs Dr. Vivek Gupta
05:15PM – 05:30PM

New ECMO Centers vs. Established ECMO Centers during pandemic Myth or Truth
Dr. Alyaa Elhazmi vs Dr. Praveen Kumar
05:30PM – 05:45PM

To Prone or Not to Prone
Dr. Wadiah Alawi AlFilfil vs Dr. Ali Ait Hssain
05:45PM – 06:00PM
Closure Day 2 (Track 1)
DAY 2 - Track 2 - Pediatric ECLS
Session 1 : ECMO Basics and principles
Moderators: Dr. Ahmad Almosawai, Dr. Jana Assy, Dr. Matteo Di Nardo
08:30AM - 08:45AM
Physiology of gas exchange & ECMO components
Prof. Matthew Paden
08:45AM - 09:00AM
Neonatal & Pediatric ECMO contraindications
Dr. Omar Al Dafaei
09:00AM - 09:15AM
Eye on cannulation!
Dr. Issam El Rassi
09:15AM - 09:30AM
Establishing and maintaining a pediatric ECMO program in the SWAAC ELSO region
Dr. Nada Aljassim
09:30AM - 10:00AM
10:00AM - 10:20AM
Coffee Break
Session 2 : ECMO for Respiratory Failure
Moderators: : Dr. Hashem Alhashemi, Dr. Indira Jayakumar, Dr. Yasser Kazzaz
10:20AM - 10:35AM
Neonatal & Pediatric Respiratory ECMO indications
Dr. Saad Al Otaibi
10:35AM - 10:50AM
Management of the Native Lung during VV ECMO
Dr. Raman Lakshmi
10:50AM - 11:05AM
Dr. Jana Assy
11:05AM - 11:20AM
ECMO in special scenarios: poisoning, oncologic patients, trauma
Dr. Matteo Di Nardo
11:20AM - 11:45AM
11:45AM – 01:00PM
Prayer and lunch break
Session 3 : ECMO for Cardiac Children
Moderators: Dr. Abdullah Shamsah – Dr. Salman Altowala - Dr. Abdullah Alghobaishi
01:00PM – 01:15PM
Neonatal & Pediatric Cardiac ECMO indications
Dr. Ravi Thiagarajan
01:15PM – 01:30PM
What’s new in ECPR?
Dr. Grace Van Leeuwen
01:30PM – 01:45PM
LV unloading
Dr. Hani Mufti
01:45PM – 02:00PM
Monitoring and weaning in VA ECMO
Dr. Malaika Mendonca
02:00PM – 02:20PM
Session 4 : ECMO challenges
Moderators: Dr. Fajir Al Tamar , Dr. Grace Van Leeuwen, Dr. Malaika Mendonca
02:20PM – 02:35PM
Nutrition on ECMO: challenges in the pediatric population
Dr. Tala Al-Dabbous
02:35PM – 02:50PM
Challenges in hemostasis and anti-coagulation in children
Dr. Indira Jayakumar
02:50PM – 03:05PM
Ethical aspects and specificities in the SWAAC region
Dr. Nada Aljassim
03:05PM – 03:20PM
What has the Pediatric ECMO Community learned from the Adult COVID Respiratory Failure experience
Prof. Mark Ogino
03:20PM – 03:50PM
Q&A and Coffee break
Session 5 : Best Abstract Oral Presentation
Moderators: Prof. Guillaume Alinier, Dr. Ahmed Rabiy, Dr. Tala Al-Dabbous, Dr. Ali Ait Hssain
03:50PM – 04:00PM
Oral Presentation 1
Impact of Lactate Clearance on Survival of patients on Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Mohamed Laimoud, Saudi Arabia
04:00PM – 04:10PM
Oral Presentation 2
Multi-Site ECMO Cannulation strategies in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia cases
Selvakumar Rajamani, UAE
04:10PM – 04:20PM
Oral Presentation 3
Treatment of Venous Leg Compartment using Pediatric ECMO Circuit as a Drainage Device in VA ECMO: A Case Report
Dr. Yuldash Agzamov, Kuwait
04:20PM – 04:30PM
Oral Presentation 4
Characteristics of the Patients Pre/Post Lung Transplant Patients Supported by Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
Weiting Chen, USA
04:30PM – 04:40PM
Oral Presentation 5
Pre-operative Physical Therapy on ECMO Support in Heart and Lung Transplantation Candidates: a Case Series
Aaron Thrush, USA
04:40PM – 04:50PM
Oral Presentation 6
Securing ECMO Patient Safety: An Evaluation of the Perclose (ProGlide) Device for Decannulation: a single centre experience
Salem AlRamadhan, Canada
04:50PM – 05:00PM
Best Oral Presentation Prize Announcement
Session 6 : Country Updates
Moderators: Mrs. Christine Stead, Mr. Peter Rycus, Prof. Graeme MacLaren
05:00PM – 05:05PM
Dr. Huda Alfoudri
05:05PM – 05:10PM
Prof. Poonam Malhotra
05:10PM – 05:15PM
Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy
05:15PM – 05:20PM
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mohamed Azzam
05:20PM – 05:25PM
Dr. Salman Abdulaziz
05:25PM – 05:30PM
South Africa
Dr. Norbert Welkovics
05:30PM – 05:35PM
Prof. Alia Abd El-Fattah
05:35PM – 05:40PM
Dr. Said Al Hanshi
05:40PM – 05:45PM
Mr. Ali Boroujerdi Alavi
05:45PM – 05:50PM
Dr. Jana Assy
05:50PM – 05:55PM
Dr. Brahim Housni
Closure Day 2 (Track 2)
Session 11 : ECLS for Haematologists
Moderators: : Dr. Sarah Buabbas, Prof. Poonam Malhotra, Dr. Lisa Lima
08:00AM – 08:15AM
Transfusion target of the ECLS patient
Dr. Arpan Chakraborty
08:15AM – 08:30AM
ECLS in patients receiving HSCT and immune effector cells
Dr. Matteo Di Nardo
08:30AM – 08:45AM
The role of thromboelastography in the ECLS patient
Dr. Joseph Tonna
08:45AM – 08:55AM
Session 12 : ECLS in Uncommon, Unconventional Conditions
Moderators: Dr. Shaikha Almatouq, Dr. Salman Abdulaziz, Prof. Matthew Paden
08:55AM – 09:10AM
ECLS in trauma
Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy
09:10AM – 09:25AM
ECLS for Obstructive/Restrictive Mechanics
Dr. Pranay Oza
09:25AM – 09:40AM
ECLS for Drug Overdose/ poisoning
Prof. Akram Mohamed Abdel-Bary Ahmed
09:40AM – 09:55AM
ECLS for Resistant cardiac electrical storms
Dr. Venkat Goyal
09:55AM – 10:10AM
ECLS in athletes emergencies
Dr. Mohammed Shalaby
10:10AM – 10:40AM
Q&A and Coffee Break
Session 13: ECLS for Obstetricians
Moderators: Dr. Fatemah Qasem, Dr. Ahmed Labib, Dr. Venkat Goyal
10:40AM - 10:55AM
Artificial Placenta (The Artificial Womb)
Prof. Mark Ogino
10:55AM - 11:10AM
ECLS in Pregnancy
Dr. Omar Mohammed Bamasood
11:10AM - 11:20AM
Session 14 : Patient Centered Care in ECLS. The Psychosocial Aspects
Moderators: Dr. Najat Dehrab, Dr. Wadiah Alawi AlFilfil, Ms. Elizabeth Moore
11:20AM – 12:10PM
Implementing and integrating an interdisciplinary team approach towards patient-centered care.
Dr. Beena Yousuf, Dr. Tala Al-Dabbous, SLT. Ali Rajab, Ms. Rechele Noriela Soriano, Ms. Sarah AlDalama
12:10PM – 12:20PM
Post ECLS Clinic. The MDT (Physio, Dietician, Nurse, Psychiatrist, Physician)
Dr. Arpan Chakraborty
12:20PM – 12:30PM
12:30PM – 01:15PM
Lunch break
Session 15 : ECLS Education, Quality, and Service Development
Moderators: Dr. Ibrahim Hadi, Prof. Guillaume Alinier, Prof. Mark Ogino
01:15PM – 01:30PM
Leadership and Team Development
Prof. Matthew Paden
01:30PM – 01:45PM
Dr. Joseph Tonna
01:45PM – 02:00PM
Education, Training, and Credentialing
Ms. Elizabeth Moore
02:00PM – 02:15PM
Quality Assurance for ECLS Service. Award of Excellence/Center Certification
Mrs. Christine Stead
02:15PM – 02:25PM
Session 16 : ECLS Future
Moderators: : Mohammad Khaja, Dr. Norbert Welkovics, Dr. Rene Gomez
02:25PM – 02:40PM
Portable ECLS
Prof. John F Fraser
02:40PM – 02:55PM
Mr. Ismael Suliman Al Enezi
02:55PM – 03:10PM
ECLS for Developed Countries. Modifications to the Circuit. Doing It the Cheap Way
Dr. Suneel Pooboni
03:10PM – 03:25PM
Transport around the globe
Dr. Ahmed Labib
03:25PM – 03:40PM
Innovations in ECMO
Mr. Abdulrahman Futayn Al-Harbi
03:40PM – 03:55PM
ECMO Expansion. Where Is the Future Heading?
Prof. Robert Bartlett
03:55PM – 04:15PM
Q&A and Coffee break
Closing Ceremony